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Artistic production | Technical production | Concept creations | Costume design | Staff for events | Coordination

We have a wide selection of artists and bands for all types of events

We pick out the best options for each event


We create our inhouse and custom events for all kinds of occasions

We produce custom events based on coordinated client briefing.We design your event or show without losing sight of the intended vision and strategy, communicating the principle message through a unique event that will leave an imprint on the memories of those who attend.

Artistic production and Advice

We define the musical and artistic atmosphere with the client

Artistic and technical coordination

¡ Your event will only have scheduled surprises !

Complementary services for events

Integrated service for events

We design performances and coordinate them at the event.

Musical and artistic acts of all genres and styles, actors, artists, ... the INDUMA cast consists of artists and professionals from all disciplines with a solid artistic base. 

We coordinate the technical and artistic parts of the event as a single element, avoiding unforeseen mishaps common when thes parts are managed individually.

We manage all the services connected with the event, from technical services such as sound, lights, audiovisual, streaming, stage, furniture, etc... to the logistical requirements and personnel such as photography and video, hostesses, interpreters, set up personnel, extras, and more.

  Calidad artística | Estética escénica | Originalidad de conceptos

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